About Us

Natasha Nurse

Lifestyle Guru who is the Owner & Co-founder of Dressing Room 8 and the Lifestyle Editor of Plus Model Magazine

5 Things to Know about Natasha:

  1. She is a Virgo
  2. She is OBSESSED with elephants
  3. She loves movies, TV, and social media
  4. She believes Retail Therapy is a real thing
  5. Her life motto: Learn something new or meet someone new every single day

Kahlil Nurse

Engineer with a high tech brain who also loves the fast and furious vehicles of the world.

5 Things to Know about Kahlil:

  1. He is the go to person about everything tech and new amongst family and friends
  2. He has 3 brothers, just like his wife
  3. He was born in Hollis, Queens
  4. He loves almost all types of music (especially Metal/Industrial)
  5. He loves animals (itty bitty kitties and endearing orcas)

How Did They Meet?

On one fine day, Kahlil and Natasha met at the infamous Greyhound Station across the street from the beautiful Penn State University Park Campus. Mr. Nurse was all geared up in Sixers and Mrs. Nurse was instantly smitten. Once, they were able to meet, the sparks flew and have been together ever since they were 18 years old. Now, they are ecstatic to share their union with the whole wide world. 

P.S. Do you know the 100 Best Things to do in PA

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