Episode 27: Can We Overcome Procrastination?

March 07, 2018


Can we really overcome procrastination? Why does this nasty habit affect so many of us? We brought on Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li to share her wisdom and expertise on the topic so we can all be WokeNFree about procrastination. 

Who is the Procrastination Coach


Procrastination Coach Dr. Christine Li helps people recognize what may be blocking them so they can make full use of their natural talents in work and life. Her area of focus and expertise is procrastination. Her pragmatic approach involves teaching the four essential components of procrastination recovery: simplicity, communication, time management, and mindset management. Dr. Li relies on her experience as a clinical psychologist and as a former hardcore procrastinator to make sure the emotional factors underpinning her clients’ procrastination are fully understood, supported, and addressed. Once clients begin to tackle their procrastination, they are able to reconnect with their motivation and to work with much greater ease. Dr. Li invites you to begin your own journey away from procrastination when you register for her Free Resource Library HERE.  

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