Episode 3: Are We Obsessed with the End?

September 20, 2017


Why are there so many movies and TV shows about the end of the world? Are we missing something? Is creating scenes of horror and death somehow comforting? Tune in to our third episode where we make sense out of this maddening phenomenon.

Remember, every episode we will reveal something new about ourselves. If you want to know something specific, don’t be shy. Ask away HERE. We hope you enjoy our very honest episode about the end of the world. After you tune in, make sure to comment below. 

Episode Shout-out to: The Walking Dead, Wikipedia, Ranker, Scene360, Pandemic, 10 Cloverfield Lane, The 5th Wave, Refuge, Train to Busan, Resident Evil, Independence Day, End of Days, The Terminator, The Matrix, World War Z, I Am Legend, Marvel, The Last of Us, Fallout, Left 4 Dead, Life Is Strange, The Last Guy, Resident Evil, Dying Light, Space Invaders, and Flappy Bird

Music Credits:

  • Music Intro/Outro: “Thoughts” by Mordecai
  • Music Outro: “Explained” by Mordecai

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