Episode 49: What We Use On Our Bodies Matters!

August 08, 2018


What we put on our bodies matters. Do you understand the ingredients that make up the products you use on your body each and every day? If not, that is a problem. Why not use products made of natural ingredients that aren’t made in a lab somewhere. This is why we are SUPER excited to have Lisa Wurtz, the owner, and founder of CocoMe LLC join the show as a guest to discuss her wellness journey and the founding story of the company. Make sure you listen to the episode, share it on social media, and join the conversation by adding your comments below!  

Who Is Lisa Wurtz? 

Lisa Wurtz is the owner and founder of CocoMe LLC, makers of the CocoMe Bodystick and Lipelixir. She started CocoMe in 2013, and has been obsessed with coconut oil and healthy skincare ever since. A teacher, entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two, Lisa lives in Westchester, NY with her family.

Did you know you can use CocoMe on your Pets too?  

JJ contemplating if he wants more on his “problem areas”

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