Episode 6: Are You A Slave To A Brand?

October 11, 2017


Are you a believer in brand loyalty? When it is time to upgrade your tech needs, do you always choose the brands you own? We discuss how we consume our technology, why we behave the way we do, the relevant technology of our times, and so much more. Enjoy the episode and determine if you are a slave to a brand.

Episode Shout-out to,, Kahlil Gibran, Smithsonian National Museum of History, Forbes – Tech, the balance, theguardian, Kendrick Lamar, Google Play, iTunes, Hulu, Vudu, Netflix, CNET, Engadget, Drake, Amazon, and Ebay

Music Credits:

  • Music Intro/Outro: “Thoughts” by Mordecai
  • Music Outro: “Explained” by Mordecai

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